photograph Morning by the Sea by Izumi Tanaka

photograph by Izumi Tanaka

Morning by the Sea

photography is one of the most powerful visual mediums on the planet, and yet are we seeing

photograph Urban Book 3 Haiku by Izumi Tanaka

photograph by Izumi Tanaka

Haiku Book 3

do we hold space for the images we create? are we connecting authentically to the myriad images before us? has storytelling eroded to simply embody shares and likes?

soul of the image project

Our shared visual experience and relationship to the medium of photography has vastly changed. It is an ongoing metamorphosis that is driven by the image-saturated landscape in which we live.
The intention is to cultivate a heightened awareness of the power of the medium, bringing together the thoughts and images of photographers from all genres, to create a space within which we can pause and reflect on the image itself.